Weekly Pre IDO Warm Up

2 min readJun 23, 2022

We are pleased to present the timeline of our next steps with this 1 of 6 bi-weekly updates wrapping up our latest and future proceedings.

MARKET SITUATION: Despite the market situation, Eaas.global has remained immune to the current market situation even though we see it as a market opportunity for sustainable growth with an early adopters database.

Moreover, the latest tech development and partnerships pump us to holly $%$%# what is coming!

PUBLIC SALE: This summer, we will be offering an open sale at a valuation of 0.1 USDC for new EAAS TOKEN users.

COMMUNITY: The marketing activities brought us organic traffic, significantly impacting our reach and social media engagement. The new website for all 3 products is on the way: EaaS Token/ Eaas NFT and Smart Impact Series Ambassadors of Green energy — with connect Ur wallet feature for EAAS GREEN ENERGY token and NFT.

TEAM: On the 1st of June, 7 people joined our team to reinforce our marketing, technical and legal departments. We’ll share more details in the next few days.

SMART IMPACT SERIES: We are well-known as a green energy impact project, so we decided to enforce our social media channels. We will add and perform marvellous actions to gain new brand visibility in Asian markets.

Soon, we will reveal a few upcoming industry partnerships, to gain more marketing attention in the official exchange list announcement.

This is a great opportunity to join our green energy movement. Get ready for the big things, as it will be a new chapter for both you, and us. 🚀

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energy as a service . Data validations for ESG, carbon and green energy. Mobile app and zkp algorithm for quantifying scoring of future.