Monthly review for our Partners, May 2022

2 min readJun 9, 2022

Warsaw, 8th June 2022

Dear Partners and Community,

I am delighted to share with you our status of work. May was another very intense month for us. I’m happy you are still with us even when the market is bearish. We are all in a deep understanding of what is coming next but also, as early adopters, we see a great future ahead.

At this stage of the market, I hope that real crypto followers and blockchain technology enthusiasts are happy that now is time to focus on building. If you remember, EAAS.GLOBAL idea is based on the next thing in energy tracking and environmental change of business. We believe the market will flourish soon, which is a chance to succeed for us. Eaas technology is a new wave of adoption and innovations for energy.

Right now, the market is in the stage of real adoption. The overall sentiment of Web3 is going towards the regular business models. Early adopters, specifically from Asia, can see this change ahead, especially now when blockchain is back to the roots of prosumers’ adoption of independence.

If you would like to stay ahead with upcoming news, we would like to inform you that:

  • new roadmap with the NFT token listing,
  • NFT hardware box (whitepaper),
  • NFT presale,
  • EAAS token launchpads announcements timeline.

Please bear with us. We believe it is the right move for the community.

Thank you for having you on board.

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Best regards,

Greg Krzeszowski, CEO and founder of EAAS Global




energy as a service . Data validations for ESG, carbon and green energy. Mobile app and zkp algorithm for quantifying scoring of future.