Monthly review for our Partners, April 2022.

2 min readMay 11, 2022


Dear Partners, Community, and Friends.

We are happy to announce that April was a great month for EAAS. We managed to finalize details about the upcoming platform and its architecture, but most importantly, we finished the discussions regarding our token, NFT, and EAAS box. At the moment, we are in the development stage of all the parts of our system. We believe that the model we developed is suitable for the present market and that it will bring us excellent benefits in the future for us as well as for our investors.

Currently, I am focusing on finding and delivering exceptional partnerships. The rest of the EAAS team is working hard on finalizing the whitepaper, which we are planning to publish in a few days. The next step is to concentrate on the NFT whitepaper, the launch of the NFT presale, and the rarity models to attract metaverse.. We have in our pipeline numerous influencers to promote our NFT.

At this point, we raised around $2.5mln in the private sale phase, but we are hoping to raise even more when the Bitcoin hits more than $45k. We are all waiting for the market to improve. Based on our NFT, we propose a great number of technologically advanced products that we believe will enable EAAS tokens to thrive as real adoption assets.

Our Smart Impact Series is a huge success. Last event was held consecutively during Miami Bitcon 2022 conference at Cipriani Downtown Miami. It was overbooked and guests deemed the event amazing; some even said it was the best one in Miami at that time. The theme of our event was ‘NFT 2.0 Mass Adoption for Green Energy’. We held a discussion panel in which our guests talked about various aspects and approaches to smart impact and green energy. We invited incredible speakers and guests, including the most influential people from the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and green energy industry.

All of our speakers and guests became green energy ambassadors and joined our EAAS.GLOBAL family, which grows significantly quickly. We are really proud to have all of these exceptional individuals on board. Our project is growing strong, and having the most influential people on board helps us develop the idea of blockchain-based green energy exchange. As a consequence of the event, the exciting partnerships will be soon announced.

I would like to thank all our investors for your patience and staying with us. I believe next month will be exciting as finally, more news will be announced regarding the NFTs and our token. I would also like to thank our team — employees, advisors, and our community for the constant support. Your engagement and effort to fight the challenges make our plans and goals achievable.

Greg Krzeszowski, CEO