Important Announcement: EAAS Roadmap — Public Sale and Listing Information

2 min readJul 20, 2022

We are proud to present you with a roadmap for the next 6 weeks! Learn all about $EAAS token public sale and the product release!

  1. We will open public sale of 10,000,000 $EAAS tokens.

$EAAS token price — $0.10

Accepted cryptocurrencies: eth, usdt, usdc.

Exact date of the public sale will be released on Monday (25th of July) in 5 days. We are now wrapping up the website and the public sale mechanism to ensure that everything is secure.

We will release instructions on how to participate as well as Metamask and Coinbase wallet tutorials once the Pre-sale website is live!

2. Limited number of $EAAS Token will also be available on one of the biggest asian Launchpads

3. APP for EAAS smart box Token will be ready to use in our app which preview we will show you in following days (for android and iOS) (ready to download in 3 weeks/ after CEX)

4. Our hardware NFT will be open for sale and installation at Your venues in the following 6 weeks. (Ready for sale by the end of this month)

5. Platform preview and app flow to use will be ready soon — we’ll start sharing screenshots of app on our social media

6. 5 new partnerships to be announced as well as cooperations with influencers

7. 6 languages translations and local ambassadors from Turkey, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Morocco, Brazil and South America will be introduced

8. Token bonuses for early adopters from around the world.

9. CEX official listing around 18–22 August.

10. We will provide you with tech team announcements and new marketing additions.

11. Official Hardware partner with the track record of installing 250,000 kWh Photovoltaic will be announced and 10.000 pieces of EAAS hardware will be ready to instal with EAAS Token validation platform

12. Public sale will be in 3 rounds of token bonus levels. More details will be announced once the official date is confirmed.

13. Please check the updated tokenomics:

Token Allocations

14. Have a chance to win $100 in $EAAS token! Join the GLEAM Giveaway now and complete all the tasks!

So make sure you follow our social media and don’t miss our public sale!

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