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2 min readMay 31, 2022

Why do we need EAAS?

In the EaaS assessment, the progressive digitization of the world has the opportunity to be applied to the concept of digital distribution of information about the amount of energy generated, where it is generated, where it is returned, and when at what time. The prosumer’s data ownership represents a value proposition on several levels.

One is to demand a higher price for the green energy returned to the grid. Another is environmental factors, namely the basis for the carbon footprint, which translates into lower taxes due to energy taxes payable on the production and use of electricity.

Another is the use of information on the production and consumption of green energy, which is the possibility of its resale directly to a neighbor or another device that will receive the green energy produced by us.

Finally, one should not forget about the resale of the produced green energy at the peak of energy demand to avoid resale at the so-called “price holes”, i.e. situations where the energy price is not the highest priced in the market. We should not forget to resell the produced green energy at the peak of energy demand in order to avoid the situation of reselling in the so-called price holes, i.e. the situation when the market does not defined the energy price to the greatest extent.

The need for change

Realistically, EaaS thus bridges the decentralized exchange between

prosumers, oligopolies, other parties using blockchain technology, and the ever-growing

the market for decentralized green energy (REFI) — to the benefit of all trading parties.

The system ultimately realizes the needs coming from the green energy market and is built for prosumers. They are the ones who benefit, as blockchain technology enables

the transfer of the value of stored energy given, taken and billed within the system.

That’s why it’s worth highlighting the message of Greg Krzeszowski, the company’s CEO and founder.

‘EaaS Global is therefore not a typical intermediary known from the financial markets, it is a provider of a technological tool for issuing EaaS token units to settle energy between parties.’

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