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Warsaw, March 25th

Energy-As-A-Service (EAAS) is a unique system that will organize and certify green energy. After a successful token raise and technology proof of concept, the company is eager to go for the next level — NFT 2.0. EAAS claims that its NFT will ensure that you will gain from green energy production. EAAS is bridging the gap between free green energy and web3.

Why do we do it? What is EAAS Global?
EAAS answers the question about the origin of green energy. The company’s mission is to organize and liberate the green energy market by uniting all the key players within the organization’s blockchain platform. In turn, this makes the trading of green energy certification totally transparent and traceable.

Now it’s the time to bring EAAS NFT to life. After successful token raise and technology proof of concept EAAS.Global is eager to go for the next level NFT 2.0.

CEO and founder of EAAS, Greg Krzeszowski, says: We’re bridging the gap between free green energy and web3. Eaas.global has become a truly global phenomenon that connects people to green energy sources.

The next level

The FOMO is real. For every EAAS NFT member, there are hundreds dying to gain access to it, and there are only 9,999 first batch boxes.

Let’s talk about specifics:
– It is a passive income perpetual machine.
– Cross-worlds installation, real-life play to earn, install to earn and sell to earn.
– It is sophisticated hardware that helps you gain from green and non-energy sources by buying, selling, trading, stacking and saving on power costs around the world.
– It is a state-of-the-art hardware machine, which moves energy power from the real world into virtual tokens, meta-verses, and it is present in the real world.

Our NFT will ensure that you will gain from free energy drive — add Greg Krzeszowski.

Why should you buy an EAAS NFT?

  • EAAS.Global is the first NFT project with a technology framework that will serve as a gateway for energy producers that wish to enter from real to virtual worlds through exclusive hardware, tokens and green energy sources. EAAS has innovative technologies for token, framework, and hardware (check our POC for EV video!)
  • EAAS.Global will allow you to get a passive income. Thanks to the marketing campaigns and its ultra committed community, EAAS ensures sustainability. Over time, token incomes, installation of the boxes and solar power will suit Your gains,and the longer you wait to sell your NFT, the more it will increase in value.
  • EAAS.Global is one of the first real green energy for cross-words. Real community, real investors have already proven the great marketplace places vision. EAAS NFT is at the heart of their project and will have exclusive access to token income and green energy production income which gives value to the project.
  • Because of the beautiful and rare EAAS NFTs have a purpose unlike any other. The lucky owners will have access to exclusive advantages that the team is still keeping secret but that promise to reserve some very nice surprises.

Let’s change the world together for a better greener future.
Whitelist Your EAAS.NFT today!

Energy-as-a-Service (EAAS) is a business hub that merges clean energy and blockchain. The company mail goals are to structure the energy market, track green energy sources, promote the acquisition of green energy, and incentivize investment in this area.

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Media contact: Rafał Plewiński, Chief Operations Officer, raf@eaas.global




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