EAAS future and long term plans.

2 min readMar 2, 2023

At EAAS: we know that this is long term project, with many shadow of death valleys needed to understand change of energy markets behind Russian invasion, growing worldwide recession and bear market sentiments everywhere.

Short period after war, we find out that simply backing up all renewable energy models with governmental and public acknowledgment are worldwide priority.
Practical impact is impossible to do it in hurry for mass adoption but our business timing is great for every area in for: b2c, b2b and b2gov.

We pray that this time is a test for all doers, ideas and startups will bear a fruit for wider adoption of end users freedom. As we stand for blockchain and green energy validation, this is a great time for building and we do it. Wait for more news this spring and hope that market will be back as green as fresh grass.

People would like to use green energy but is not free, not cheap and not easy to connect when the whole system. I meant: legislation, grid and producers are need to be unisono in to renewable energy production especially solar and wind. At the top, we are bringing back to life German Nuclear plants and other old power plants.

Freedom and new web3 for carbon and energy credits.

We are at EAAS are facing certain challenges with market downturn and public fights for survival in economic, war and social life downgrade based on worldwide recession. In mean time energy mix is become more and more dark with fossil and more depend on big players than individual with green world approach.

Degradation of environmental ecosystems, growing pollution, highest every carbon emission is killing our freedom, future and pushing in to new models of independents but not outlaws from outside world government rules. We believe that new blockchain social credits will be close to present carbon credits and will be obligated for every human being to create us equal, transparent and finally free from corporations, wars and borders.

Survival for the strongest.

So at the end of summer we decide to follow strict rules: survival of the fittest. Smart and easy outcome of this will be simple:

Adoption, adoption, adoption, any project with adoption model and active technology will go thru bear market and emerge as a new in market perspective.

So we decide to not burn money on token launch without public power behind it with our technology, business model and not trust any promise that pump and dump is a good for product fast recognition, it isn’t! As bloody market with all dumps and few more coming, we building behind scenes, to bring a new dawn for all believers.

Web3 independence is a long term goal, web3 in energy change is inevitable and will happened with us on board.

Stay tuned for more information very soon.

EAAS team :)))




energy as a service . Data validations for ESG, carbon and green energy. Mobile app and zkp algorithm for quantifying scoring of future.