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New bull market is coming slowly but surely.We are very close to have equity model for tokens and value inside EAAS but to go there at this spring for bull market, we must be ready to manage proper overview for EAAS b2c and b2b users.

Stages of project and timeline for next 3 months.

  1. 300 EAAS ENERGY BOX (10 kw) ready to install and sold in EU — deadline 30 MAY 2023 / (pls check out twitter in next days)

— full EAAS token validation process for carbon certification of energy, green validation and user data.
— no China interference with data flow/ -full closed EAAS API with ROM chip in every EAAS ENERGY BOX
— full visibility for token flow inside ENERGY box on blockchain (SUMMER 2023)

This days it is impossible to manage not closed circut for ROM memory and not sharing data outside system without very big scale.

  1. EAAS APP for non-tech users, with AIRDROP tokens for validation — full download for ANDROID/iOS — end of JUNE 2023
    — We deliver bonus tokens AIRDROP for APP users, or green carbon after first TGE (plan JUNE 2023)

    We plan start full communication for Twitter/ with weekly udpates/ from May 20/ and push it to the EAAS APP and all token activates marketing warm up in JUNE 23 / for Korea, Turkey and Vietnam

as we updated.


BTC is in strong trend but without 35.000 USD per one there will be not individual investors prospect for altcoins to become public and successful.

Adoption thru user app and user friendly hardware is only possible way for long term high. Pumping token,any token it is bad strategy for any investor and not finish well for project.

as we mention: please, follow our tt and be in touch over next few weeks with good news.


Your EAAS team.




energy as a service . Data validations for ESG, carbon and green energy. Mobile app and zkp algorithm for quantifying scoring of future.